Most Important Oil Sector in Hadhramaut Sold

A Hadrami journalist revealed, on Sunday, the sale of the most important oil sectors in the most important province in eastern Yemen; this coincides with arrangements that predict changes in the political and military scene.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

Journalist Muhammad Saeed Bahdad reported that the Canadian Calvali Company sold the oil sector “nine” west of Wadi Hadramout to another company known as “Octavia Energy”.

Sector nine is considered the most important oil sectors in Yemen, it is the third sector to be sold after an Austrian company sold two sectors in Shabwah, most notably Sector S5.

The new company had started the process of drilling new wells, according to the same source.

The motive for selling the sector was not clear, and whether it is in anticipation of pro-secession factions storming to the Hadhramaut oil plateau, or as part of attempts to circumvent certain issues in the region that is witnessing tension between tribes and oil companies that are being protected by the first military region, but the coincidence of developments with expected changes in the First Military Command indicates fears of chaos that might lead to confrontations, similar to what happened in the neighboring province of Shabwah, which ended with the control of STC forces loyal to UAE.

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