Saudi-Backed Negotiating Committee Refrained from Attending Jordan’s Meetings

The Military Negotiating Committee of Sana’a government on Sunday said that the party backed by the Saudi-led coalition refrained from attending Jordan’s meetings and continues its violations of the truce.

The committee denounced the silence of the United Nations in the face of all these obstacles by the other party.

The head of the Military Committee, Major General Abdullah al-Razami, stressed that one of the most important successes of the work of the military committee is to reach a clear and reliable mechanism that ensures the payment of salaries and complete opening of Sana’a airport in general and without restrictions as it is a right of the Yemeni people.

Major General Al-Razami called for opening of ports to the entry of oil and commercial derivatives ships and to stop harassing and piracy as this violates all international laws.

He stressed that the military aspect can only be advanced after the payment of salaries, the entry of ships and the expansion of flights.

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