YPC: Saudi-led Coalition Seizes New Fuel Ship

Sana’a-based Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC) announced on Saturday that the Saudi-led coalition held a new diesel ship, despite obtaining entry permits from the United Nations.

The company’s official spokesman, Issam Al-Mutawakel, said that the coalition detained the diesel ship “Tiara” despite it has been inspected and given entry permits by the United Nations, in a new and deliberate violation of the temporary truce.

Al-Mutawakel pointed out that the United Nations had not played any positive role in curbing acts of piracy, indicating that the number of held ships had risen to four fuel ships.

on Friday, (YPC) has confirmed that the Saudi-led coalition is currently holding three fuel ships, including two diesel ships for the electricity sector, all of which have United Nations permits.

In an interview with Almasirah TV, the spokesman of the YPC, Issam Al-Mutawakil, explained that it was agreed to enter 54 fuel ships, while only 33 ships have arrived since the start of the UN-sponsored truce.

He pointed out that the UN envoy and the United Nations did not move to pressure the Saudi coalition to enter the fuel ships.

Al-Mutawakil said: “We did not see a smooth entry of the oil ships, as the UN spokesman claimed, since the start of the truce.”

He added that the Saudi-led coalition and the United Nations restricted imports to Emirati ports and paid the price of ships in advance for the Emirati banks.

Criticizing the United Nations, he confirmed that it is only moving to collect financial aid, exploiting the war on Yemen, while not moving to lift the siege on them.

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