Pressure Pushes Aden Judiciary to Consider Yemeni-Omani Telecom Lawsuit

The Commercial Court in Aden agreed to consider the case of the attack on the Yemeni-Omani Telecom Company, after weeks of procrastination, this coincides with popular pressure to restore the company’s most important service amid a deterioration in the telecommunications sector.

“Aden Al-Ghad website” quoted from a judicial source as saying that the court will hold its first session tomorrow in the lawsuit filed by “U” company. The company had revealed that the Administrative Court in Aden had postponed consideration on the issue that STC storming the company’s headquarters and sabotaging the broadcasting equipment.

The Commercial Court’s decision came in the wake of citizens’ appeals to the head of the authority in the Presidential Council in Aden, Rashad Al-Alimi, to intervene in the re-broadcast of the service, according to what was reported earlier by “Aden Al-Ghad” website.

As Al-Ayyam newspaper previously quoted on a source as saying that the company is preparing a legal team to file an international lawsuit against its targeting in Aden.

The aforementioned developments were part of the pressures on the Transitional Council subjected to internally and externally, which prompted its authority in the city to ask the Council to inquire about what is happening to the company. This prompted a leader in the council, according to what was reported by “Hana Aden” website, to admit that the decision is in the hands of UAE.

The residents of Aden are suffering as a result of the decision to stop the services of ” YOU Company” on which they depend mainly in the telecommunications sector due to its infrastructure and wide spread.

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