UAE Recruits New Batch of Yemeni Girls in Abu Dhabi

The UAE authorities demanded their delegate on the occupied island of Socotra, to recruit a new batch of Yemeni girls in the island and send them for training in Abu Dhabi, YPA reported on Thursday.

Local sources familiar with the matter said that the UAE opened a center to receive girls wishing to be recruited on the island of Socotra, on the condition that each applicant be between 15-22 years old.

The new batch of girls’ recruitment is the third in Socotra since the beginning of 2019, they received their training in Abu Dhabi by officers of different nationalities, including “Israelis.”

This came after “Khalifa Foundation”, the UAE intelligence arm, organized in Socotra last week, a women’s marathon in Noujid area, which caused widespread resentment and anger among the island’s tribes, who considered it as step to target the dignity and modesty of conservative Socotra women.

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