Bank of Aden Information about Oil, Gas Revenues Not True

A source in the Supreme Economic Committee denied the correctness of the information reported by “Reuters” about the Bank of Aden’s report on oil and gas revenues during the first half, stressing that the numbers are misleading and that oil revenues exceeded $two billion.

The source emphasized that the report issued by the Bank of Aden, which showed that the revenues of oil and gas exports amounted to $739.3 million from January to June is misleading and did not reveal the truth.

“The revenue sector in the Ministry of Finance of the Saudi-backed government in the city of Aden does not receive any data on the volume of actual exports of crude oil, nor the amount of its revenues,” the source said.

He pointed out that the proceeds are submitted to the National Bank of Saudi Arabia, and the Saudi coalition do not show any data about the export, which is controlled by a mini-committee headed by Saudi Ambassador Al Jaber and Maeen Abdulmalik.

“The volume of exports of Yemeni crude oil from January to June this year is 18 million, 299 and 400 barrels, while the volume of domestic gas production from January to August this year is 300 thousand and 37 thousand metric tons,” the source said.

He explained that the revenues from crude oil production and domestic gas sales that have been looted by the Saudi coalition since the beginning of this year cover the employee’s salary bill for a year and half.

At a high rate, the forces of Saudi-led coalition continue the series of organized looting of the country’s sovereign wealth of oil and gas.

At the beginning of this month, the Yemeni news agency, Saba, reported that the Saudi-led coalition looted crude oil and gas revenues in Yemen, “equivalent to the salaries of all state employees for a period of seven months.”

Minister of Oil and Minerals Ahmed Daris in Sana’a government has revealed in a statement to Al-Masirah that the quantities of oil looted by the forces of Saudi coalition and some complicit oil companies from 2018 until July 2022 amounted to 130 million and 41 thousand and 500 barrels of oil.

Daris indicated that the quantities are smuggled through Al-Nashima and Al-Daba and carried on old ships, and there are millions of barrels looted without being registered.

He stressed that what is being looted is huge amounts that are completely sufficient for the Yemeni people, and the people should know that their wealth is being looted while they are struggling to find a salary.

He stated that there are other staggering revenues other than these sales figures, and they are collected from gas sales and the Marib and Aden refineries.

The head of the National Delegation Mohammad Abdulsalam has warned foreign companies that contribute to the looting of Yemen’s wealth that they will not be safe from the targeting cycle after the end of the UN-brokered truce.

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