Sana’a: Enormous Rally to Commemorate Martyrdom of Imam Zaid

The capital, Sana’a, witnessed on Tuesday a massive mass rally to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Zaid, peace be upon him, under the slogan ” Insight and Jihad”.

The mass crowds raised slogans and banners confirming the continuation of steadfastness, sacrifice and proceeding on the path of Imam Zayd – peace be upon him – and his revolution, in the face of the forces of Saudi-Emirati coalition.

The crowds chanted slogans denouncing the continued violations of the Saudi-led coalition, and affirmed the continuation of the mobilization and the support of the fronts with money and men to deter the coalition forces, to continue the battle of liberation and independence, and reject humiliation, subservience and subordination.

The masses confirmed the following the example of Imam Zayd, and the march on the principles and values for which he sacrificed in order to support the truth, defend the weak, and fight the oppressors and tyrants.

A statement issued by the mass march affirmed the adherence of the Yemeni people to the nation’s issues, foremost of which is the Palestinian cause and the sanctification of sanctities and their refusal to desecrate them.

The statement of the march sent a message to the forces of Saudi coalition that the Yemeni people will not humiliate or their resolve will not weaken, and they will not neglect their identity, independence, pride and dignity.

“Our view of the ‘aggression’ in light of the declared armistice is the view of the Qur’an towards those who do not abide and do not fulfill a covenant or pact, and we find that they did not abide and did not fulfill their covenant,” the statement said.

The statement also affirmed the principled position of the Yemeni people in confronting the Saudi-led coalition, and they are all confident in Allah’s victory and support, regardless of the sacrifices.

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