Demands Payment of Salaries, State Employees’ Vigil in front of UN Office in Sana’a

Hundreds of employees of the various state sectors organized on Tuesday a vigil in front of the United Nations office in the capital, Sana’a, to demand the payment of their suspended salaries since September 2016.

The participants in the vigil, which was organized under the slogan “Pay our salaries, you enemies of peoples”, stressed that the targeting of Yemen’s economy by America, Israel and the United Nations expresses their brutality, criminality and their deep-seated hatred against the Yemeni people.

They pointed out that “the US-Saudi-Emirati coalition” against Yemen coincided with an economic war represented in imposing a blockade, looting Yemen’s wealth and revenues, transferring the functions of the Central Bank of Yemen to Aden, and printing billions of counterfeit currencies, to strike the value and stability of the national currency.

A statement issued by the participants denounced the arbitrary practices of the countries of the Saudi coalition by cutting and looting the salaries of state employees and destroying the economic infrastructure with airstrikes that targeted factories, agricultural fields, food stores, markets, ports and others.

The statement called on “the aggression countries” to pay the salaries of state employees, considering the current truce an opportunity for “the aggression coalition” to implement all its terms, including the payment of salaries.

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