French Military Landing in Shabwa

The French forces have arrived in Radhum district in the oil-rich province of Shabwa, eastern Yemen, for the last hours.

According to local sources familiar with the matter, the French forces arrived at the Balhaf LNG-producing facility, of which the French Total owns 39.62%, after agreeing with the UAE to resume gas production away from the so-called “legitimate government”.

The sources confirmed that France headed to the Balhaf facility to guarantee the arrival of Yemeni liquefied gas to Europe, following Russia cut off gas supplies to European countries due to Ukraine war.

“The French forces will protect the interests of its country by looting of Yemeni gas and oil, which coincided with the arrival of American forces and intelligence to the city of Mukalla, which carried out a reconnaissance tour to the UAE-controlled oil port of Dhabba, the area of Fouh, the most prominent stronghold of al-Qaeda, west of the city of Mukalla, and the areas of Shihr and Brom, in which the UAE-held Barshid camp is located.”

In turn, the governor of Aden, Tariq Salam, appointed by Sanaa, indicated that the arrival of the French forces to the Balhaf facility was part of the US-European plan, to impose their military control over the oil triangle in Shabwa, Hadramout, and Mahra.

Journalist Ahmed Fawzy said on Twitter that Ammar Afash played a major role in handing over the Balhaf oil and gas export facility, in order to secure gas supplies to France and Europe during the coming winter.

In the Balhaf gas facility, the UAE has built a number of Apache flight runways, making it a military base on the Arabian Sea since 2016.

The process of looting Yemen’s natural wealth is continuing from the fields of Shabwa, Hadramout and Marib, and selling them by the Saudi-led coalition to the European market, and supplying its revenues to the National Bank in Riyadh, without benefiting from them by disbursing the salaries of Yemeni employees since the end of 2016.

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