Saudi Pressure on Al-Alimi to Ban Four Loyal Parties

A Saudi military expert revealed, on Sunday, that his country intends to ban four Yemeni parties loyal to the coalition in Yemen. This comes at a time when the coalition continued to tilt the balance of the new forces in its areas of control in southern and eastern Yemen at the expense of traditionalism.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Qarni accused what he described as “ideological parties” of being responsible for the failure of “legitimacy” to restore the state, pointing out that his country has come to see that Yemeni crisis lies in what he described as “partisanship.”

Al-Qarni referred to his country’s request to Rashad Al-Alimi, head of the Presidential Council, to abolish four parties, most notably Islah, the Socialist, Nasserite, and AlBa’ath.

He considered banning the activities of these parties as a condition for what he described as “restoring the state.”

The three parties are among the most prominent forces that participated in the revolution against Saleh regime.

Saudi Arabia’s knocking to its loyal party’s gate in Yemen came at a time when the forces loyal to it are being restructured after eight years of war and siege, where it is now pushing to empower two factions represented in the Transitional Council in the south and Tariq Saleh’s wing in the north this means that Saudi Arabia, which supports a fierce war against Islah, is seeking to dispense with the rest of the forces.

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