Sana’a PM: We Seek Alliance with Russia and China to Confront America

Prime Minister of Sana’a, Abdulaziz bin Habtoor, said that the meeting with Russian side stems from the intersection of common interests and the outcomes of the visit are important for the two countries, stressing Sanaa’s keenness to have “allies in the world from a position of equals and common interests. “Facing common enemies,” in reference to the United States of America.

Bin Habtoor revealed that they had received messages and communications from a number of countries. He considers that Moscow’s invitation to Sana’a delegation to visit it is an indication of the changing attitude towards the war on Yemen.

He pointed out that Sana’a-Moscow meeting comes within the framework of confronting the American project, from which many countries of the world are affected. He added: “We seek to combine friendship and alliance with Russia and China and we announce our dis-agreement with the American policy since the first day,” according to “Al Masirah” channel.

On the Yemeni government loyal to the coalition, the head of Sana’a government said, “The false legitimacy supported by America and Saudi Arabia is just a cover for looting and stealing Yemeni wealth to Saudi banks.”

He commented on the military parades carried out by Sana’a forces these days, saying: “The military force that we are showing is a guarantee of peace, otherwise, it is a force directed against the countries of Saudi coalition if they refuse to stop the war and lift the siege.

Sana’a delegation, headed by Muhammad Abd al-Salam, is carrying out an official visit to the Russian capital, Moscow, at the invitation of the latter. He said that this visit comes within the announced official foreign meetings. He stressed that there are “real changes in the Russian position and the realization that Yemen can be a strategic influence.”

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