America Submits Hadhramaut to Guardianship of Its Forces

The United States publicly assigned on Sunday, the most prominent coastal directorates of Hadhramaut province, eastern Yemen, to the military mandate, what reveals part of its ambitions in the oil province, which is undergoing labor within the framework of reshaping the centers of international and regional influence in the oil crescent of Yemen.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

A military delegation from US Naval Forces stationed in Hadramout met during the past hours with the Director General of the Prom Mayfaa Directorate and a number of military and security leaders in the Directorate.

Hadrami media reported that the meeting dealt with discussing the security and military situation in the district and facilitating the activities of international organizations there.

The US forces maintain a military base in the district within a map of deployment along the eastern coasts of Yemen overlooking the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean.

The focus of the discussion on the security and service conditions clearly indicates that the United States subject the Directorate to the military mandate and handing over the directorate’s management file to its forces with the help of the local authority there.

The selection of Prom Mayfaa also indicates that it is arranging to place the Directorate as an advanced operations center for its withdrawing forces from Afghanistan in the future.

The public meeting was preceded by repeated visits by the American ambassador to the most important province in Yemen, on the eve of the conflict escalation between the Yemeni factions loyal to the coalition with the start of implementing the plan to reformulate the scene in the oil crescent of Yemen by removing Islah after decades of influence and handing it over to new powers.

It is worth noting that Brom Mayfaa district is one of the most prominent Hadrami districts, which considered one of the strongholds of Al-Qaeda, and a military operation has never been carried out in it, within the framework of Washington’s allegations of “fighting terrorism”, which indicates to an exchange between the two parties.

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