Houthis Offer Islah leadership to Return to Sana’a

Leadership in the Sanaa government has continued to give the Islah party (the Yemeni branch of the Muslim Brotherhood) offers and opportunities to join it after the recent defeats of Islah party forces in Shabwa province, southeastern Yemen.

“When the leadership of the Islah Party, represented by Al-Yadoumi and Al-Ansi, in their official website, appeal us, asking officially for our help; we will be ready to set fires from all four directions,” Deputy Foreign Minister of Sana’a government Hussein al-Ezzi wrote in a tweet on Friday.

He stressed that the UAE’s attack on the Islah militants or any Yemeni will remain the subject of our permanent condemnation regardless of the dispute.

The Sana’a government has called on those deceived the ranks of the Saudi-led coalition to take advantage of the opportunity of a general amnesty and returning to of homeland.

Al-Ezzi, wrote on Twitter: Guidelines for those wishing to take advantage of the opportunity of a general amnesty are as follows:

1- Apologizing to the Yemeni people and respecting their glorious sacrifices.

2- Maximizing the values of freedom, independence, sovereignty, security, stability and the unity and safety of the Yemeni land.

3- Completely abstain from corruption.

4- End all forms of relationship with al-Qaeda, ISIS, Israel and all obscurantist entities.

Another senior leader in Sana’a authority made an offer to the Islah party (the Yemeni branch of the Muslim Brotherhood), after its recent defeat in its most important strongholds in Shabwa province and lost control of it.

In a tweet, Dhamar Governor Mohammed al-Bukhaiti confirmed that the Islah party has a last chance to ally with Sana’a before it is too late.

“There is no justification for the Islah party to remain in the Saudi-led coalition anymore. Surly, it will be an easy target for the aggression aircraft, but by joining the side of Sanaa; it will be within the scope of protecting our missile and air forces, and we will be able to resolve the battle quickly,” Al-Bukhaiti said.

“If the Islah party delays in making this decision and loses its areas of control adjacent to us, it means losing the last chance,” he added.

The member of the Ansarullah Political Bureau Al-Bukhaiti reminded the Islah party with Sanaas’ advices that it would be targeted by Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

“We do not seek to target the Islah party and break it, because it is being targeted,” the leader, Mohammed Al-Bakhitai, said in a press statement.

Al-Bakhitai pointed out that Sanaa’s keenness on its relationship with the party, not because of its agreement on many issues, especially with regard to Yemeni unity and the danger of the Emirati project in the region or preserving the community’s religious culture, but also regarding our relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood in all Arab countries.

He added, “When I attack the Islah party, I feel ashamed of Hamas, because they are great fighters and they belong to the same current.”

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