Old Sana’a Threatened with Collapse due to Heavy Rainfall

Amanat Al Asimah Sana’a has warned of an imminent disaster that threatens 100 houses in the Old City of Sana’a, due to heavy rainfall over the capital.

The mayor of the capital, Hamoud Obbad, called on businessmen to provide the necessary assistance for the maintenance and restoration of houses that are about to collapse on the heads of their residents.

He instructed the directors of the districts in Amanat Al Asimah to urgently purchase 75 water pumps, distribute 50 of them to the wide directorates, and use them in the affected neighborhoods during emergency situations.

Five Houses Collapsed, 40 Damaged

Five houses were destroyed and more than 40 houses were damaged in old city of Sana’a due to the continuous heavy rains, as a result, citizens, including children who may have lived in these houses, were injured.

The director of Old Sana’a Directorate, Mahdi Arhab said that five houses had completely collapsed, and 18 houses had the roofs of some rooms collapsed, while 22 houses suffered from water leakage.

He pointed out that blankets were distributed to a number of leaking houses, provided by the Yemeni Red Crescent through the emergency committee of the secretariat.

He stated that 380 houses were damaged, some of which are in danger of collapsing, in old Sana’a, as a result of rains during the past two weeks.

Arhab pointed out that the General Commission for Preservation Historic Cities has been addressed to carry out its responsibilities, as it is concerned with the restoration and maintenance old Sana’a city’s houses.

The Civil Defense Department in Sana’a stated, “Two houses in the old city of Sana’a were completely destroyed and three partly houses, it pointed out that little girl, Fatimah Yahya Yahya Al-Kabari, had bruises from the effects of plaster that fell on her.

She pointed out that the houses that collapsed consisted of five and four floors, one of which was “abandoned” and completely collapsed. The Civil Defense Department warned, “Neighboring houses are under threat.”

The authority called on the concerned authorities, “to quickly develop urgent solutions and treatments.” and evacuating residents from homes that are about to collapse in order to preserve their lives from the danger of a possible disaster at any moment.”

Sana’a Appeals for Help

The Capital Municipality, Sana’a, on Tuesday sent a distress call to the concerned authorities and local and international organizations to support its efforts in the rescue and relief operation and to confront the damage caused by the flow of rainwater and torrents in the capital.

The Capital Municipality demanded in its meeting headed by the Mayor of the Capital, Hamoud Obad, called on all local authority agencies, its executive offices and directorates, to be alert and ready 24 hours a day, to implement the emergency intervention program to face the floods damage.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has designated the Old City of Sana’a as an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986.

The Old Sana’a City has been subjected to a number of direct coalition airstrikes, and near the city during the past years, which led to the destruction of some houses. The airstrikes also caused cracks in dozens of historic buildings in the old city.

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