Shabwa: Conflict between Coalition Countries with Yemeni Blood

The deputy governor of Shabwa province Hamza Al-Hamza (loyal to Sana’a government) confirmed that what is happening in the province is a conflict between the countries of the Saudi-led coalition with the blood of the province’s sons.

Hamza stated in a statement to SABA that each state of Saudi coalition seeks to extend its control over Shabwa province and monopoly on its oil wealth. “We care about the safety of civilians first and last,” he said.

He added: “There is no problem for the Coalition States, as there is fighting. The blood is Yemeni, and the occupying powers are exploiting the conflicts they have created to plunder more of the wealth of the occupied provinces.”

The deputy governor of Shabwa province regretted that some of the people of the southern provinces were engaged in the class of occupation states and fighting with them in exchange for crumbs, seeing the country’s wealth plundered before their eyes.

He called on the freemen of Shabwa province and the occupied provinces in general to direct their weapons to the real enemy who came to enslave them and to take away the country’s capabilities.

He added: “The Saudi-sponsored forces must understand that the loss of the Saudi coalition has become inevitable, that their departure has become a matter of time only. If they can prevaricate through previous truces, their evasion will not benefit them in the coming months. They must realize that they have no future in Yemen, it has no solution but to leave Yemeni geography. “

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