HR Comments on SG of UN Report on Situation of Yemeni Children

The Ministry of Human Rights on Tuesday organized a press conference on the allegations and fallacies of the Secretary-General of the United Nations over the situation of Yemeni children.

At the conference, acting Minister of Human Rights Ali al-Dailami expressed his regret for what the last report of the Secretary-General of the United Nations on the situation of the Yemeni children that contained inaccuracies in the events and figures and the description of the killers and violators, bypassing the reports issued by international organizations that monitored the crimes of the Saudi coalition that stressed that the coalition is the number one enemy of childhood in Yemen.

Al-Dailami stressed that the United Nations participates in maintaining the suffering of Yemeni children in various forms, the most important of which is by silence about the crimes of the Saudi coalition against the children of Yemen, killing and starving, and repeatedly dropping the killers from the list of shame, bypassing international humanitarian legislation and the content of reports issued by many humanitarian organizations and bodies.

He pointed out that the number of victims of the war on Yemen amounted to more than eight thousand children between martyrs and wounded, in addition to 800,000 children suffering from severe malnutrition, of whom 80,000 are threatened tp death, while 27 children die out of every thousand children annually as a result of the war while three thousand children suffer from heart defects as the Saudi coalition prevents the entry of devices for heart patients.

Al-Dailami reviewed the violations and crimes committed by the Saudi coalition against Yemeni children, such as bombing schools and targeting hospitals, markets and school buses.

He stressed that the continuous and multiple targeting of Yemeni children represents a serious violation of international humanitarian law.

He pointed out that the United Nations, through its issued reports, continues to cover up the perpetrators of crimes and violations, falsify facts, distribute numbers and accusations that lack investigation and monitoring, and lack sources and credibility.

The United Nations remains vague between the lines of its reports, thus giving the green light to the killers to continue their crimes against children and childhood.

He touched on the direct and indirect dangers that the children of Yemen have been exposed to by the war and the violations and massacres that amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

He stressed that the children of Yemen, since the beginning of the war, have been subjected to US-Saudi-Emirati violations, including killing, orphanhood, injury and detention in the prisons of war, displacement and separation, dropping out of school, disease and epidemics, as well as depression and various psychological effects that are medically classified as post-traumatic stress.

Al-Dailami pointed to a number of inaccuracies contained in the UN report, its ignoring of a number of facts, not relying on reliable sources documenting the facts with pictures and videos, and not including real statistics, which can only be explained as it is related to the pressures that the United Nations is exposed to by the countries of the Saudi coalition.

He also affirmed Sana’a’s commitment and moral keenness on all principles to distance the children of Yemen from the pitfalls of the conflict and took all measures to neutralize civilians, areas and civilian facilities.

He pointed out that the US-Saudi forces deliberately violated the principles and rules of international humanitarian law, including the principles of humanity, discrimination and proportionality, which made these crimes in accordance with characterization of many independent organizations amounting to crimes against humanity and an extension of the series of war crimes and genocide committed by the Saudi-led coalition for the eighth year in a row in Yemen.

He called on the United Nations to review its humanitarian positions in Yemen and its credibility in light of the contradictions in the report, blaming the United Nations and the Security Council for their shameful silence regarding the violations, crimes and massacres committed by the Saudi coalition against Yemen and Yemenis.

He considered the reports of the United Nations and the Security Council as a main reason for the intransigence and the continuation of the coalition in killing the children of Yemen, which represents a disgrace on the forehead of the global human feeling, which encourages the US-Saudi-Emirati coalition to continue to commit more war crimes against civilians, calling for the formation of a neutral international committee to investigate all crimes and massacres committed by the coalition forces against defenseless civilians in general and children in particular.

He stressed the need for independent investigation and criminal accountability of the leaders of the coalition and all those who prove their involvement in crimes committed against civilians in general and children in particular.

Al-Dailami called on all the free and honorable people in the world to assume their moral and humanitarian responsibility in supporting the oppressed Yemeni people and condemning the horrific crimes committed by the US-Saudi-Emirati coalition and pressure the United Nations, specifically the Secretary-General and the Security Council to carry out their legal and moral duty to protect children and civilians in Yemen and stop the war.

He called on the United Nations to restore its credibility, transparency and professionalism towards its reports, to be biased towards victims, especially children and women, and to verify its monitoring and reporting mechanisms to avoid the contradictions and fallacies witnessed in this report.

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