Shabwah: Panic, Continuous Displacement from Ataq

Ataq district, the capital of Shabwah province, witnessed since the early hours of Monday’s morning, the continuation of displacement movement, due to violent clashes between the coalition factions.

During the past hours, the residents of Ataq lived in a state of constant panic; meanwhile, the district witnessed a complete paralysis of movement due to the violent clashes between the coalition factions that erupted during the past hours.

The directorate’s schools, universities, governmental and private institutions and markets witnessed a complete closure amid the spread of dread manifestations and fear among the population.

The clashes came as a result of the commander of the pro-Islah Special Security Forces refusal, “Abed Rabbo Lakab,” the decision to dismiss him issued by the pro-UAE governor of Shabwah, “Awad Al-Wazir Al-Awlaki.”

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