Al-Houthi Advises Saudi Coalition to Seize Opportunity of Armistice to End War on Yemen

Leader of Anssarallah movement, Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, sent on Monday a warning message to the Saudi-led coalition countries against any treacherous attempts at the UN truce.

During his speech that aired on the religious anniversary of the Day of Ashura and in support of the Palestinian people, Sayyed al-Houthi advised the Saudi-led coalition to seize the opportunity of the truce to get out of their predicament, end the war and siege, and stop their conspiracies.

He called on the Yemeni people to be in a state of readiness and full vigilance to confront the enemies at any traitorous attempts during the temporary truce.

Al-Houthi concluded that the desired goal is to end the war and the siege, noting the necessity of adopting all the reasons for victory and strength, and taking caution against all conspiracies.

Regarding to Palestinian issue, Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi, affirmed that the Yemeni people stand by the Palestinian people and the peoples of the nation in the dangers and challenges they face.

Sayyed Abdulmalik expressed pride in the nation’s free people, reiterating that the Yemeni people are part of the axis of jihad and resistance.

He also emphasized the principle of brotherhood towards what the nation is facing, pointing out that Yemen would spare no effort in seeking to confront the conspiracies of America and the “Zionist entity”.

Al-Houthi called on the nation to take the correct position in hostility to the enemy entity and to seek to expel it from Palestine and support the Palestinian people.

Leader of Anssarallah noted that the “enemy entity” (Israel) tried to target the Islamic Jihad movement without the rest of the factions in a deceptive manner by using the tactic of targeting each faction individually in order to differentiate between the Mujahideen.

Sayyed Abdulmalik stressed that the moral and humanitarian duty of the resistance in Palestine requires maintaining the unity of their position in confronting any Zionist escalation.

He added that “The nation’s responsibility is to stand with the Palestinian people and support them.”

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