Unprecedented Clashes Erupted in Taiz

Taiz has witnessed on Thursday, unprecedented clashes between the Saudi-led coalition factions, putting the city in a new spiral of chaos, Yemen News Portal reported.

Clashes broke out between forces from the 22nd Brigade of Mika led by Bakr Sadiq Sarhan and a security campaign in the downtown, Al-Masbah neighborhood before expanding into nearby neighborhoods, according to media sources.

The sources explained that a security campaign tried to get the forces of 22nd Brigade Mika out a private school after they stormed and looted its furniture following the refusal of its owners to pay taxes to Sarhan’s son.

Earlier, the city witnessed similar clashes over an armed faction’s attempt to loot a truck belonging to Saeed Anam commercial group.

According to local sources, the security guards accompanying the truck managed to thwart the attack.

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