Omani Delegation Left Sana’a after Three-day Visit

The head of Sana’a negotiating delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam, has affirmed that the delegation of Oman left the capital Sana’a, after a three-day visit.

The Omani delegation held several important meetings with the Leader of the Revolution, Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi and Mahdi Al-Mashat, the head of the Supreme Political Council, Mohammed Abdulsalam said in a tweet.

He said the consultations focused on the course of the humanitarian and military truce, the disbursement of salaries, the enhancement of opportunities for stopping the war and the lifting of the blockade.

Abdulsalam welcomed Oman’s efforts in relation to the disbursement of salaries, the opening of Sanaa airport, port of Hodeidah and the entry into force of a real truce.

“This morning, the United Nations has been informed of the outcomes of discussions and our point of view,” he said.

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