Mahra Tribes Vows Revenge Against Coalition’s Attack on al-Harizi’s Home

A prominent tribal sheikh in Mahra province, eastern Yemen, has vowed to take an appropriate response and defend the land and dignity, until the last drop of the blood.

“The people of Mahra will not stand idly by after the serious violation, which is storming the house of Sheikh Ali Salem al-Harizi, by militias of the Saudi-led coalition backed by the US and British forces,” said Sheikh Hameed Zaabnoot, the head of the peaceful sit-in committee in Shehn district of Mahra province.

He added, “Mahra tribes and other tribes of Yemen will not keep silent over the incursion into the house of Ali Salem al-Harizi. Our honor and dignity will not be allowable for the foreign occupation and its agents, and we will defend them with our blood.”

Sheikh Hameed Zaabnoot pointed out that the Mahra tribes are determined to respond to violations against their leaders, calling on everyone to stand united in the face of the foreign occupier.

In the meantime, Dozens of tribesmen people poured into the city of Al-Ghaydah, the provincial capital of Mahrah, eastern Yemen.

According to local reports, sheikhs and sons of Mahra tribes came from all directorates came to the city of Al-Ghaydah, in solidarity and stand by the chairman of sit-in committee, Sheikh Ali Salem al-Harizi, after storming his house on Thursday by militias of the Saudi-led coalition forces.

They stressed that the tribes announced their rejection and condemnation of the incursion, declaring readiness to defend their land and expel the (American, British occupiers) and their tools (Saudis and Emiratis,) as well as their militias they brought from Dhalea and Yafea to the province, during the past years.

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