UAE Reveals the Content of US-UN Initiative to Extend Armistice in Yemen

An Emirati newspaper revealed on Tuesday, the content of a US-UN initiative to extend the armistice, this coincides with an international movement to push for a political settlement in Yemen.

The newspaper “Al-Arab” indicated in a report that the new provisions include expanding the destinations of flights to Sana’a Airport, in addition to other issues related to allowing ships to enter Hodeida port and disbursement of employee salaries in Sana’a-controlled areas.

The newspaper pointed out that US and UN envoys who are leading the movement to extend the armistice admitted that there are difficulties regarding opening roads, which indicates the postponement of the file.

The newspaper suggested passing the new initiative, hinting to an Omani movement.

The publication of the initiative coincided with the announcement by US-state department that US envoy to Yemen, Tim Lenderking, had joined to the international envoy in his ongoing movement in the region to push for the extension of the truce, which is about to expire, international parties are seeking to extend it for six months.

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