Recent Turkish Statistic Reveals Huge Rise in Purchase of Real Estate by Islah Party

The Turkish Statistics Authority revealed that the rate of purchase by Islah party leaders for Turkish real estate during the period January-April 2022 increased by 540 properties. Noting that the increase came by 40% compared to the same period last year.

The Turkish Authority indicated that Yemen ranked eighth among the countries that buy real estate in Turkey, pointing out that Islah leaders outperformed Kuwait with only 54 properties. The difference between it and Ukraine – in seventh place – is only 100 properties.

The purchase rate of the pro-coalition factions’ leaders in Yemen increased, by 500% since the beginning of the war on Yemen, as the total number of properties purchased from 2015 until April 2022, 6,281 properties.

Most of Islah party’s huge investments are concentrated in Istanbul, what indicates to the extent of the looting from “the wealth of the people in the purchase of this real estate”, in light of depriving the Yemeni people of their wealth, and standing with the coalition in its war.

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