Only 2% of Patients Benefited from Sana’a Airport Flights during Armistice

The Supreme Medical Committee in Sana’a said on Monday that the percentage of patients who traveled through Sana’a airport during the two armistice periods did not exceed 2% of the total patients in need of treatment abroad.

He pointed out that a single air carrier and one destination created costs beyond the patient’s capacity, “and made the value of truce for thousands of patients zero.”

The head of the committee, Dr. Mutahar Darwish, explained that “1200 patients with their companions traveled through 15 flights provided by the armistice” only, he stressed that they need a daily flight for a year to save the lives of thousands of patients and to overcome the catastrophe created by the siege over the past seven years, reducing pressure on the medical sector.

Darwish pointed out that 35% of the patients who need treatment abroad are children, 80% of them have congenital heart anomalies, he added that “40% of patients who need treatment abroad are women breast and thyroid cancers are top in the list of diseases, according to his statement to Al-Masirah channel.

Observers believe that coalition has not adhered to the terms of the humanitarian truce during the past two months, that announced under the auspices of UN, while they considered it not meet the slightest humanitarian needs left by the coalition’s war on Yemen, this prompted Sana’a to set conditions for its acceptance of the extension, including alleviating the suffering of the citizens.

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