Israeli Engineers in Socotra to Construct New Military Runway

The UAE has sent a number of foreign engineers and pilots, including Israelis, to the Yemeni archipelago of Socotra.

Local media sources reported this step came through the Khalifa Foundation to inaugurate a new runway for military aviation in Nougd area, south of the island.

The sources indicated that the runway established by the UAE in cooperation with the navy of Israel, was for military and reconnaissance combat helicopters, a month after the opening of a military airport in Hadibo with Israeli participation in 2020.

UAE began arrangements for the construction of a new military runway on the island of Socotra, the far south of Yemen.

Informed sources confirmed that foreign engineers and pilots, including Israelis, affiliated with the Emirati Khalifa Foundation, arrived in Socotra Island, to inaugurate a flight runway for reconnaissance and combat helicopters.

The sources pointed out that the runway will be built in the Nogad area in the south of the island, noting that the foreign team will start construction operations early next month.

Last April, the UAE inaugurated a military airport at its base in Hadibo, with direct Israeli participation.

These developments come, less than 24 hours after the arrival of a new Emirati military shipment to Socotra, within the framework of strengthening the joint Emirati-Israeli military movements on the strategic island.

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