UAE Sends More Military Aircraft to Socotra Archipelago

UAE forces have pushed more military aircraft to Yemen’s island of Socotra, YPA reported on Sunday.

Local sources familiar with the matter said that the Emirati occupation forces sent 14 helicopters from their bases in Hadibo island towards the islands of Samha and abd-el-Kuri, which are located within the Socotra archipelago.

The UAE has been working for several months to create a military base on Abd-el-Kuri Island, during which it has worked to displace the island’s residents and build military facilities on the island.

The continued flow of military reinforcements of the Emirati forces to the island of Socotra comes at a time when Yemen is coexisting with a military and humanitarian truce under the auspices of the United Nations.

The UAE had taken sole control of the island of Socotra, in July 2020 after a quick battle during which the militants of the Saudi-backed Islah party were expelled from the island of Socotra.

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