During Armistice, Over 9,000 Passengers Travel through Sana’a Airport

The Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority (CAMA) stated on Saturday that 9,405 Yemenis have traveled through Sana’a International Airport since the beginning of the United Nations-brokered truce.

CAMA chairman Raed Jabal told Yemeni News Agency (Saba) that 4,674 passengers traveled from Sana’a to Amman, Jordan, via Yemenis Airlines, while 4,508 passengers came back to Sana’a coming from Jordan during April 16 – July 20.

Only one flight has been carried out between Sana’a and Cairo airports since the beginning of the two-month truce, early last April, and during the 2-month extension until July 20, he said, adding that a plane of Yemenia Airlines flew to Cairo with 78 passengers on board and returned to Sana’a carrying 145 passengers.

According to the UN envoy’s office in Sana’a, the delay in the official approval of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry was the reason behind operating only one trip to Cairo, Jabal said.

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