In Unprecedented Event, Senior Houthi Official Visits Aden

A senior leader in Sana’a government revealed, on Thursday, that he had recently visited Aden city, which is under the control of the coalition and its loyal factions, which indicates to the extent of the relationship and the high coordination between Sana’a and the people of the areas under the control of the coalition and its factions.

Sanaa’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Hussein Al-Azi, said in a tweet via his Twitter account: “With God’s grace, I visited the beloved Aden and stayed in the hospitality of very unitary brothers,” referring to the depth of the broad relationship between Sana’a and the people of Aden who reject the alliance and its policies.

Al-Ezzi explained that his visit to the city taken by the pro-coalition government as its “temporary capital” lasted 20 hours, pointing out that the soldiers who saw him there “were completing amulets that Al-Alimi wished for,” as he said.

The prominent leader of Anssarallah movement confirmed that he returned to the capital, Sana’a, after visiting the city of Aden, “safe and victorious,” according to his tweet.

 Observers believe that this unprecedented visit carried out by a prominent leader in Sanaa, to the most prominent areas under the control of the Saudi-Emirati coalition and its factions, raised terror among them, because it revealed the extent of the coalition’s intelligence failure and its penetration on the one hand, and Sana’a’s high communication with the people of the southern provinces who support the anti-coalition Sana’a project, On the other hand.

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