America Refuses to Grant Al-Alimi Visa and Threatens to Recognize Houthis

The United States refused on Wednesday, to grant Rashad Al-Alimi, head of the pro-Saudi authority, an entry visa to visit Washington; this coincides with the US Secretary of State’s announcement to drop the principle of classifying what he described as “Houthis” on the sanctions list from the list of priorities for Biden administration.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

Sources in Maeen’s government reported that US ambassador told Maeen’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak, that the time was not appropriate for Al-Alimi’s visit to Washington.

Bin Mubarak, who was subjected to a media campaign after his failure to organize a meeting between Al-Alimi and US President Joe Biden on the sidelines of Jeddah summit, had made a call with US ambassador to Yemen, Stephen Fagin, in an attempt to arrange a visit for Al-Alimi to save his face after insulting him in Saudi Arabia.

The US refusal to visit Al-Alimi coincided with a new statement by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken hinted at his country’s lack of intention to recognize the legitimacy of the pro-Saudi authority in southern Yemen. Noting in his comment that Biden administration is no longer among its priorities to include the Anssarallah movement on the sanctions list, and that all its concern now is to extend the armistice and build peace in a sign that any attempt to legitimize Alimi’s authority may harm US efforts to push for peace.

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