Al-Ezzi: Decision to Stop War in Yemen Is in Hands of Saudi Arabia

The Deputy Foreign Minister of the National Salvation Government, Hussein Al-Ezzi, on Tuesday announced the readiness of Sana’a to stop all forms of defense if Saudi Arabia announced the cessation of its war against Yemen.

In a series of tweets on his Twitter account, Al-Ezzi said that “the war in Yemen is between Saudi Arabia and Yemen, and that the decision to stop it is in the hands of Saudi Arabia.”

Al-Ezzi referred that the war on Yemen was declared on the eve of March 26 from Washington, and its fire was launched from several Arab countries.

He explained that all Yemeni parties at that time were in Sana’a under the supervision and testimony of the United Nations in a political dialogue and there was no internal war at all.

He stressed that so far there is no war between the Sana’a side and their local opponents. “They (opponents) have only joined an existing foreign forces,” as he said.

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