Saudi Forces Continue Killing Yemenis in Jizan

The Saudi border guards committed on Wednesday a new crime against a Yemeni youth in the border Jizan region.

Informed sources said that a Saudi border guard patrol had killed the young man, Shaja Jubran Shared, from Al-Nadhir town in Razih district of Saada province.

The sources pointed out that the Saudi soldiers killed the Yemeni young man in cold blood in “Nashaw” area of ​​Jizan while he was trying to enter Saudi Arabia in search of a job opportunity.

This crime comes five days after the Saudi border guards committed a massacre in Nashaw area in Jizan against Yemeni expatriates, in which five expatriates were killed or wounded, and also six days after they killed the young man Bandar Faisal Jubran Jaber.

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