First National Festival for Yemeni Honey Launched in Sana’a

The activities of the first national festival for Yemeni honey, organized by the Yemeni Honey Unit of the Higher Agricultural and Fisheries Committee and the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, were launched in the capital, Sana’a, on Thursday.

During the inauguration, Member of the Supreme Political Council, Muhammad Al-Nuaimi, confirmed the importance of the festival in focusing on the development of the productivity of Yemeni honey and paying attention to it as an important economic and monetary crop.

“We, as a state and government, have to work to protect Yemeni honey from any targeting or damage that may affect its productivity or quality, as it is a strategic crop that supports the national economy,” he said.

He stressed the importance of the role of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation to monitor effectively to protect trees from being cut down or used for woodcutting.

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