Saudi Arabia Places al-Alimi under House Arrest in Jeddah

Saudi Arabia has prevented president of the Riyadh-formed Presidential Council, Rashad Al-Alimi, from returning to the city of Aden, private sources told Yemen press agency on Monday.

The sources said that Al-Alimi is under house arrest in the Saudi city of Jeddah, which he arrived at the end of an external tour that included Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt and Qatar.

Saudi Arabia assigned Aidarous Al-Zubaidi to acting president of the Council, and opened for him Al-Alimi’s office in Ma’ashiq Palace, from which he began practicing his duties, according to the sources.

The sources indicated Al-Alimi held a meeting with the American ambassador in an attempt to lift the house arrest imposed on him, while the “Saba” agency, which broadcasts from Saudi Arabia, declined to publish the news of the meeting with the directives of Al-Zubaidi.

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