Raising Ceiling of Protesters’ Demands Fails Attempt to Put Down in Aden

The Residents of Aden expanded on Monday, their demands with their call for new protests, what portends the failure of efforts to quell the popular uprising in the city.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

During the past hours, Aden witnessed calls for new demonstrations, this time, the protesters identified their demands that Aden refineries should operate and stop exporting fish from the city.

The operation of Aden refineries may reduce fuel prices, which have recently skyrocketed with registration of 26 thousand riyals per gallon of 20 liters, amid accusations of graft, the return of refineries would also improve the quality of fuel sold at Aden stations, which became known as “damaged.”

Protest calls about the export of fish come after its prices increased significantly compared to provinces such as the capital, Sana’a,

Aden fish is sold in Gulf auctions to be transported to the markets of Saudi Arabia and Oman, which causes a heavy cost on the people of the city, those who suffer lack of income due to salaries cut.

The new demands would thwart STC’s attempt to contain it by dismissing the oil and electricity ministers in Maeen government.

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