Al-Alimi Pledges Allegiance to Saudi Arabia in Yemeni Oil Sector

Saudi Arabia revealed last week, the reason for not handing over the deposit that it announced with the Emirates to support the Central Bank in Aden, coinciding with the announcement of “Presidential Council” about new negotiations with it, to obtain huge sums of money in exchange for granting it management of the oil sector in Yemen for decades.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

Saudi Arabia leaked through the American Associated Press news that the delivery of the new deposit was delayed due to the non-completing of the previous deposit, which did not exceed 174 million dollars, although the Central Bank had announced previously the sale of double this amount during the past weeks in public auctions.

The Saudi leak came on the eve of media outlets affiliated with Maeen government publishing news of negotiations with the Saudi side for $950 million in provisions to purchase fuel.

The negotiations come in the wake of a directive by Maeen Abdulmalik to his ministers in in finance and oil ministry to quickly ratification a Saudi treaty that includes the administration of the Saudi reconstruction Program that is supervised by Ambassador Al Jaber, the oil file in Yemen.

The agreement includes the management of oil and gas fields and the import and sale of oil derivatives to the local market, according to media reports, through the new agreement, Saudi Arabia seeks to monopolize the oil sector for several decades.

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