Escalation of Aden … Coup or Investment of Suffering?

The angry demonstrations in Aden, sparked widespread controversy among politicians and observers of the situation in general.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

Is it a soft coup against the new power? Or is the last attempt to invest the suffering in order to elicit Gulf support? What are the expected scenarios to get out of the new impasse?

Aden, whose residents, over the past two months of the “Presidential Council” formation have been bearing the repercussions of the services collapse, the deterioration of the currency, the rise in prices and the increase in doses, suddenly rose up this week, leading the entire Yemeni scene to the hell, but this unprecedented explosion, which reached the extent of besieging the government, and preventing her authority from returning was not innocent from political motives, it has sparked disparities among those who follow the Yemeni scene, There are those who believe that what is happening in Aden is a coup for the Transitional Council over power, in which he participates, known as the “Presidential Leadership Council”, This position is adopted by the current of Ali Mohsen. The former deputy head of the dismissed “legitimacy” authority, Saif Al-Hadiri, Mohsen’s media advisor, described what is happening as a coup citing a video clip of protesters chanting slogans about the departure of Al-Alimi, Maeen, and northern leaders from Aden and they refuse unity during their storming of Al-Ma’asheq Palace, Hadi’s residence.

This vision may be in terms of timing closest to reality, especially if he takes into account the southern movements led by the stalkers in the Presidential Council in Cairo and Finland, through rapprochement with the transitional to lead a new phase, perhaps within the scenario of the binary division in Yemen. Not to mention the arrangements made by the Transitional Council to hold an emergency meeting of its National Assembly, It is expected on the twenty-second of this month, it may come out with decisions that mix the cards in Yemen in general, in light of the news that talks about a forthcoming coup statement.

However, there are those who consider what is going on within the presidential scheme itself, as they see that the presidential, whose president and members have toured the Gulf states and Egypt in an attempt to mobilize support, and he failed in that before they returned to seclusion in the Saudi capital, and he is now trying to put pressure on Saudi Arabia, to fulfill the promises made to the Council, by declaring a joint deposit with UAE to support the currency that collapses daily, as well as assistance in providing services in areas under the control of the Council, and this also seems realistic, since more than two months have passed since the formation of the Council, the situation is still stagnant amid more restrictions imposed by the Saudi ambassador on the new authority in southern Yemen, and try to operate its members as employees in the simple supreme power.

The situation is not clear yet in light of the escalating cloud of protests. However, the data indicates that the new curve may be contained through formal government changes to calm the street, and perhaps temporary aid to consolidate the authority loyal to the coalition.

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