Only about 10% of Truce Agreement Fulfilled: Sana’a Official

Deputy Prime Minister for Security and Defense Affairs in Sana’a government, Lieutenant-General, Jalal Al-Ruwaishan said that “since the announcement of the truce, all evidence indicates continued violations of the Saudi-led coalition and its non-compliance with its terms, and that what has been achieved so far is not equal to 10% of what was announced in the terms.”

In a statement to Almasirah, Al-Ruwaishan said that if the truce continues without opening the ports, paying salaries, and opening the airport, it is baseless and our people persistent on taking its rights.

He added that “if the Saudi coalition’s violations continue, then Yemeni people will not accept a failed truce, pointing out that our people and our Armed Forces do not depend on the truce and credibility of the forces of Saudi coalition.”

Al-Ruwaishan further explained that the National Delegation focused on lifting the suffering of the Yemeni people, pointing out that the Saudi coalition did not abide by the truce in the required form and the Yemeni people realizing this matter.

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