Al-Ajri Holds Saudi Arabia Responsible for Lack of Ceasefire Progress

Member of Sana’a national delegation, Abdul-Malik al-Ajri has on Sunday held the Saudi-led coalition forces responsible for proceeding away from the UN-brokered truce without making any progress on post- armistice benefits.

“Before the international community, they tried their propaganda through restructuring the so-called “legitimate government” as a step towards peace, and they removed Hadi and the Islah Party from power,” Abdul-Malik al-Ajri said in a tweet.

“They have restructured their ranks and now the truce is going ahead and there is nothing new in post-armistice benefits. It is true that the Islah Party does not want peace, but Saudi Arabia is responsible as it is the one who has the decision to go to war or make peace,” he added.

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