Aden: Warnings for Coalition-Backed Govt’ of Consequence of Fuel Crisis

The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) on Sunday warned the government loyal to Saudi-led coalition of the repercussions of the fuel crisis that it fabricated during the past hours in Aden, and the rest of the southern provinces.

Member of the “National Assembly” of the STC, Wathiq al-Hasani, called on the pro-coalition government, headed by Maeen Abdulmalik, to unify the price of oil between the cities of Aden and Marib, away from what he called “racism.”

“At a time when citizens are waiting you to ease their suffering at the price of oil at least to 10,000 riyals, not raise it to 26,000,” Al-Hasani said in a tweet, addressing Maeen Abdulmalik’s government, considering this increase in the oil price “the largest looting of citizens.”

He added “the dose in oil derivatives may be reflected and a curse on you… People are overwhelmed.”

The price of a 20-liter gallon of gasoline rose during the past hours to 26,000 riyals, in the first response from the pro-coalition government to the demonstrations of the people of Aden in front of Ma’ashiq Palace gate in Crater area, who demanded its departure from the city.

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