Preparations in Sana’a for 1st National Yemeni Honey Festival

The Yemeni Honey Unit of the High Agricultural and Fisheries Committee and the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation are preparing to hold the first National Yemeni Honey Festival in late June.

According to Sana’a-based Saba news agency, the festival aims to mobilize efforts and develop and protect the local product for honey producers and the Yemeni economy and to restore the reputation and status of Yemeni honey.

The chairman of the preparatory committee, a member of the Honey Unit of the Higher Agricultural and Fish Committee Dhiab al-Ashmori, told Saba on Friday that the festival seeks to encourage local marketing of Yemeni honey and its activation and link beekeepers’ associations with companies and shops that sell and market the local product at home and abroad.

He pointed out the importance of the festival in educating the community to fight external honey and its damage and its impact on the reputation and quality of Yemeni honey, in addition to activating the community and making it aware of the importance of Yemeni honey and its nutritional and pharmaceutical value.

Al-Ashmori saw the festival as an opportunity to develop the honey sector and support the Yemeni economy by spreading the culture and information about the product, marketing and promoting it, and contributing to its global marketing.

He called for active participation in the festival and joined forces of all to develop and protect the local product and restore the reputation and status of Yemeni honey.

He urged the media to participate in the festival to educate the community about the importance of developing and protecting Yemeni honey, as a Yemeni monetary product, heritage, and identity.

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