Saudi Arabia Throws Latest Papers on Yemen War

Saudi Arabia issued on Wednesday, a new classification list against Yemeni individuals and institutions, it accuses her of supporting those she describes as “Houthis.”

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

This coincides with the increase in the pace of international mobility, to push for a comprehensive settlement; this indicates that Saudi Arabia is trying to throw its last cards in Yemen.

The new Saudi list included eight Yemeni personalities, some of whom are residing abroad, it participated in conferences sponsored by Saudi Arabia, the latest of which was Riyadh Consultation, in addition to 11 different institutions.

The list was not new, as it was the second since March of this year. Where Saudi Arabia announced a list of about 25 individuals and Yemeni institutions on the same charges.

The Saudi move came after Riyadh failed to pressure United States

by reclassifying Anssarallah movement “Houthis” on the terrorist list, its timing indicates that Riyadh is preparing to receive US President Joe Biden, who, prior to his arrival at the White House, issued a decree to cancel Trump’s decision to include “Houthis” on the sanctions list.

  It is trying to throw the ball into the court of the Americans, at least, to neutralize a number of Yemeni institutions and active companies, and to impede any future attempt to revive the Yemeni economy and put the most important facilities under sanctions.

She described Saudi Arabia’s recent decisions as reflecting the extent of the weakness that Riyadh has reached, after nearly eight years of leading the war and promising to storm Sana’a and disarm Yemen, it is an attempt, according to observers, to achieve an achievement before reaching a settlement in Yemen, which Saudi Arabia itself has begun to push towards, in light of the obstruction on the war horizon.

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