Saudi Arabia Hints at “Long-Term” Agreement with Houthis

Saudi Arabia threatened on Wednesday; its followers in Yemen signed an agreement with “Houthis”, described as “long-term”. This coincides with indications to the collapse of the Presidential Council and the failure of efforts to revive it politically.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

Saudi Arabia, via Reuters, leaked news of negotiations resumption between Saudi officials and leaders in Sana’a. The British agency quoted on two informed sources as saying that the current communications are virtual and taking place with the facilitation of Oman Sultanate, noting that Saudi Arabia is seeking to conclude a long-term agreement on border security and a halt to air attacks.

The sources expected direct negotiations would kick off between the two parties in the Omani capital, Muscat, in the future.

Although the agency stated that the contacts began before extending the last truce for two months, However, the timing of the news leak indicates to Saudi Arabia’s conviction on the futility of supporting the Presidential Council, the pro-government authority in southern Yemen, in light of the heated disputes and persistent signs of collapse, which may push Riyadh to reach a final solution with Sana’a.

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