Al-Qaeda Mourns Three of Most Prominent Leaders in Abyan, Bayda

Al-Qaeda organization in Marib province on Monday mourned three of its most prominent military leaders.

A statement issued by the organization said that “Amir Abu Haidara al-Adani” was killed by Sanaa forces, while participating in the fighting in the ranks of the Saudi-led coalition forces in the battles taking place on the outskirts of Bayda province.

The statement praised what it described as “the long march of Abu Haidara al-Adani” in the fight against the forces of Sanaa, without referring to the date of his death.

The terrorist organization also mourned two of the Amirs of Al-Qaeda, who were killed during the attack that targeted the convoy of the commander of the Security Belt in Abyan province, Brigadier General Abdullatif Al-Sayed, on March 15th.

The organization had previously issued many obituary statements for the organization’s leaders who were killed in Marib, the latest of which was the obituary statement issued on October 11, 2021, on the killing of “Yasser Laakab Al-Omari,” commander in “the 156th Brigade” loyal to the coalition by the fire of Sanaa forces in the battles that took place in “Bani Abd” area of Abdiya district.

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