Again “Safer” Tops the Scene in Yemen

The crisis of the floating oil tank off the western coast of Yemen, “Safer”, returned to the forefront of the scene in Yemen on Monday, with the approach of the Security Council’s regular session for this month.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

The United Nations launched a hashtag on social media, carries warnings of an oil spill that United Nations claims is approaching.

The hashtag coincided with the statements of the humanitarian coordinator in Yemen, David Grisley, in it, he reiterated the need of the United Nations for more funding to maintain the reservoir, which contains more than one million barrels of crude oil.

The international moves come two days after US and Saudi Arabia announced the allocation of $20 million, equally, to increase the funding of the reservoir, which the United Nations succeeded in obtaining about 41 million dollars, during a conference recently hosted by the Netherlands for the maintenance of the reservoir, which threatens to be catastrophic.

The United Nations is asking for only $80 million to transfer the oil from the tank to another vessel. Gressly’s statements indicate that the United Nations is backing away from its commitments to maintaining the reservoir, especially since the process was supposed to start during these two days.

The United Nations is expected to return the file to the Security Council again, in an attempt to blackmail Yemeni and regional parties into paying more funding or obtaining facilities.

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