US-Saudi Disputes over Successor to Prime Minister of Aden Govt’

The Saudi capital is witnessing US-Saudi moves as part of arrangements to change the head of the government loyal to the coalition in southern Yemen.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

Sources in Maeen government revealed that there are differences between American and Saudi ambassadors regarding the most prominent candidate to succeed Maeen. It explained that US ambassador is putting the name of the current foreign minister in Maeen government, Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak, firmly on the table, while the Saudi ambassador insists on naming a number of people.

The sources suggested the possibility of naming ben Mubarak as a result of American pressures.

Ben Mubarak had recently carried out a shuttle tour to market himself as an alternative to Maeen one in the American corridors, and clips of Ben Mubarak were leaked while he was trying to blackmail Americans with his work to them during the last period and the volume of reports submitted to their country.

During his visit to Washington, the United States announced that it handed over tasks to its new ambassador in Yemen, months after his appointment and suspension of his duties due to Saudi influence in Yemeni file.

Ben Mubarak’s visit coincided with a similar visit by Saudi ambassador at the time and Saudi Deputy Defense Minister Khalid bin Salman.

The Prime Minister’s file is a priority for Saudi ambassador, who has been using Maeen to pass his country’s agenda, including marketing the illusion of projects in Yemen, it is also important for US, which seeks to keep Saudi Arabia at its mercy.

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