Sana’a Allocates 600,000 Liters of Mazut for Hodeida’s Electricity

Governor of Hodeida province (loyal to Houthis), Mohammed Ayyash Quhim, on Sunday confirmed the National Salvation Government directed the Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC) to provide 600,000 liters of mazut from the company’s facilities in Hodeida for the province’s electricity.

Quhim explained in a press statement that this measure comes within the framework of efforts to recover the situation of Hodeida electricity and extend working hours in it, indicating that the value of mazut will be faced if the amount is available at the province support fund.

He valued the efforts of the Presidential Committee to address the situation of Hodeida electricity, and President Mahdi Al-Mashat’s directives, which resulted in the signing of an agreement on Saturday between the Yemeni General Corporation for Cement Industry and Marketing and the General Electricity Corporation to generate “15 megawatts” to cover the emergency needs of Hodeida province in the summer.

The governor explained that adding 15 megawatts to the 12 megawatts produced from Ras Katneeb station, and the current “10 megawatts” station, would contribute to extending lighting hours and alleviating the suffering of the residents.

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