Jordan: Sana’a Military Committee Meets EU Ambassador to Yemen

Chairman of the National Military Committee of Sana’a government, Major General Yahya Abdullah al-Razami, along with members of his team has on Tuesday met with EU Ambassador to Yemen Gabriel Munuera Viñals in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

In the meeting, General Al-Razami stressed the Sana’a salvation government’s consistent position on opening roads as a first stage to alleviating the suffering of the people of Taiz province and other provinces, through the initiatives presented to open three roads in Taiz province as a first stage.

He pointed to Sana’a’s keenness to relive the suffering of the people of Taiz and the rest of the provinces, however, the other party’s obstruction and rejection of the proposals submitted by the National Committee, which was put forward by the United Nations in previous discussions prevented rapid progress.”

“This proves that the other side does not really want to alleviate the suffering of the citizens to a basic degree as much as it seeks to achieve narrow political or partisan gains in order to serve its military and partisan objectives,” he added.

He explained that the committee would leave Jordon and back to the capital Sana’a soon, to meet and consult with the leadership, to study the ideas and proposals discussed with the Representative of the United Nations.

Answering a question of the EU Ambassador to Yemen about the course of the negotiations and their success?” al-Razami said “negotiations are positive if the other side deals credibly, away from bidding and exploitation.”

He revealed that an agreement had been reached between all parties to form joint operating rooms to follow up on violations on the front lines during the period of the declared truce under the auspices of the United Nations.

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