Al-Houthi Unveils New High-Precision Long-Range Missiles

Leader of the Yemeni Anssarallah movement, Sayyed Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, revealed on Wednesday Sana’a has high-precision long-range missiles, which modern American technologies have failed to confront.

During his meeting with notables and sheikhs of Taiz province, Sayyed Abdul-Malik affirmed that the military industries sector would be one of the best industrial sectors at the regional level.

“Our country’s use of ballistic missiles – on a larger scale since World War II – represented an affront and humiliation to American and Saudi tyranny,” he added.

Al-Houthi went on to say: “Preparations are continuing to reach the Yemeni drones to farther ranges with greater efficiency and more advanced technologies in light of the continued development of the capabilities of the Air Force, noting that recent years have witnessed the downing of many enemy aircraft of various types.”

He also revealed that the Saudi regime sought the help of the whole world to obtain any systems that would shoot down the Yemeni missiles, until it reached the point of begging from the Israeli enemy.

“It is not possible to compromise on the freedom and independence of the country, whatever the circumstances, pointing out that the enemy is seeking to recruit heavily and is preparing for an escalation in the next stage in all fields,” Sayyed al-Houthi said.

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