In Order to Find out Facts about Reopening Roads, Al-Razami Calls on UN to Visit Taiz

Major General Yahya Abdullah Al-Razami, Chairman of Sana’a Military Committee for the Jordan discussions has affirmed, “What Saudi-led coalition has been unable to achieve during more than seven years of war and siege will not be achieved through negotiations or any other means.”

Major General Al-Razami deplored the statements reported by the coalition-backed media by the participants in the negotiations from the Saudi-backed party, that is claiming that the National side is obstructing the ongoing negotiations in Jordan.

“We presented a serious initiative to open three roads in Taiz with the aim of ending the suffering of citizens and facilitating the smooth movement of citizens and vehicles,” he added. “There is no explicit response from the Saudi-backed party to this initiative, which raises many questions about its intention and objectives in the ongoing negotiations.”

Al-Razami indicated the readiness of the National side to implement the initiative that was unilaterally presented, with the aim of progressing in the negotiations.

He called on the representatives of the United Nations to go with the Committee to Taiz province and examine the reality to prove the seriousness of the National side to know the party obstructing the opening of humanitarian outlets.

Al-Razami reiterated the National side’s keenness to alleviate the suffering of the people of Taiz and all the people of the country, and affirm that the ball is in the court of the Saudi-backed side.

He considered that the Saudi-backed side must realize the humanitarian responsibility towards the Yemeni people, who are still suffering from an unjust and brutal siege and war.

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