Sana’a Announces Unilateral Initiative, Opens Road to Taiz City

The National Salvation Government in Sana’a announced the implementation of a unilateral initiative, to raise the earthen barriers in preparation for the opening of a road inside the city of Taiz.

The local authority in Taiz province confirmed that it had started implementing the unilateral initiative in response to the directives of the revolutionary and political leadership.

“Today, we are at the 50th Street crossing leading to the city of Taiz through Al-Noor city to Bir Pasha, in the process of preparing to open the road in response to the directives of the revolutionary and political leadership to overcome the difficulties in front of the citizens,” Taiz Governor Abdul Rahman Bagash confirmed on Saturday.

“We tried several times to open crossings on our side, but our attempts were met with opposition from the coalition side in the city of Taiz,” he added.

He explained that the move confirms and proves to everyone that the Salvation Government wants to ease the burden on the citizens and open this crossing, which is very close and does not exceed half an hour’s pass to the city of Taiz.

Bagash stressed that the road that will be opened to the city of Taiz will alleviate the suffering of the citizens.

“We hope that this initiative will be reciprocated and roads will be opened to citizens,” he said.

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